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How to Create the Life you Really Want

5 Keys For Financial Freedom With Digital Altitude

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                                How would like free life at the beach in a summer time?

The very fabric of nature is freedom.

In fact, it is unnatural for any part of nature to be unfree.

And it is incredibly natural for us as humans, naturally free beings, to bristle at anything that threatens to take that freedom away.

Yet Americans, despite the incredible freedoms that they have, still do everything they can to live a life of crushing servitude.

What do I mean by this?

21% of people in the United States carry mortgage debt well into their 70s.

Only 20% of people stick to a budget they make for more than a year, despite knowing that they really need to.

These numbers represent people who are not free. They are shackled to a job and a mortgage.

They live paycheck-to-paycheck.

And if they lose their job… chances are they will lose their house within six months if they don’t replace it.

You may even see yourself closer to these scary statistics than you would like to.

Yet one things seems to separate the people who truly break free to experience a life unfettered from financial worries.


I’ve noticed that people who financially struggle…  or who are in a financially tough spot… carry almost a grudge against people more successful than them.  You see this all the time in the constant cries to tax the rich because they MUST pay their “fair share.”

Perhaps underneath they are jealous and even a bit angry at seeing someone living the life that they feel they deserve.  (And they do!)

Yet, when you spend time with people who ARE successful, you rarely hear them speak with envy or jealousy.  Instead, you’ll hear them say things like:

“That great!”

“I’m so happy for them!”

“I wonder if that would work for my business too?”

Rather than pull them down, criticize them or tax them… successful people are generally excited by other people’s success as they are their own.  And, more importantly, if the people they admire are MORE successful than they are, they do everything they can to model exactly the same thing.

So which type of person are you?

Do you criticize and complain?

Or do you congratulate and copy?

A negative attitude does you no favors; however, it may be tough to get rid of. So if this IS you, what can you do to shift gears towards greater success? Continue reading

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